There is always a secret in the novels of Agatha Cristie, the world-famous writer of detective novels. And a clue to solve this mystery. So the key…


There is a “key” story that unites Pera Palace Hotel, which has witnessed history in the most beautiful corner of Istanbul for more than 20 years, and world-famous crime writer Agatha Christie… Although this mysterious key story emerged after the death of the author and was actually shelved before it was fully resolved, it is definitely worth knowing.


The biggest secret in Agatha Cristie’s life was her disappearance for 11 days in 1926. After not being heard from, her car is found crashing into trees by a lake. People are now beginning to think that the author almost fell into the lake and died. Then all of a sudden Christie shows up and doesn’t explain anything to anyone about the time period she disappeared! According to rumors, Christie stayed at the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul for 11 days during her disappearance and wrote the famous novel “Murder on the Orient Express” here.


In 1979, a psychic named Tamara Rand said she had contacted his spirit and told her about a key in room 411 at the Pera Palace. The psychic held a second session. In this session, he said that “the same key also opened a secret room in the mansion of Muhayyeş, the owner of the hotel that day, and all the details of the 11 days he disappeared were written in the diary in this room.”


After this striking claim, the eyes of the whole world are turned to Agatha Christie’s room in Pera Palace Hotel. Room 411 is now wondered by the whole world. After a while, the key in question is indeed found in the place described by the psychic!


Warner Bross, the world-famous film company, wanted to film this mysterious story. The owner of the hotel at that time charges a fee. Afterwards, Tamara Rand writes herself a letter. The owner of the hotel changes his mind, but then a strike breaks out at the hotel and the story remains unknown.

As a result; The secret of the famous writer Agatha Christie is still waiting somewhere as an unexplained mystery. The room where Agatha Christie stayed at Pera Palas Hotel stands as it was and is open to visitors.

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