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Aftercare Assist has provided aftercare plans and individual products for 13 beauty clinics around Turkey as well as in Istanbul.

Satisfied Patients

Beauty clinics has offered our aftercare plans to their patients and up to date 85 patients got satisfactory results from our nursing, emergency and companion services so far.

Extra Income

Aftercare services has provided 30% more income to beauty clinics and hospitals. 

The importance of a successful recovery is undeniable…

Recovering from cosmetic surgery isn’t a walk in the park, which is why a predetermined plan should be top of mind. “The key elements to recovery after plastic surgery are not intuitive, “A strategy of going home, climbing into bed, and staying there is what you don’t want to do.” Instead, the post-surgery recovery and healing process requires the body to be supported with quality nutrition, adequate rest (check out our guide to sleeping better after surgery), low levels of stress, light pampering, and some necessary topical and healing products. “Little walks and deep breathing are also essential,” she adds.

To prevent issues as you heal, follow your surgeon’s post-op protocol to a T. Complying with instructions, such as wearing compression garments after tummy tuck or liposuction, taking antibiotics (as prescribed) to prevent infection, and managing discomfort with pain medications, is the best way to ensure a smooth recovery. If anything is out of the ordinary, communication with your surgeon is imperative because early intervention can prevent long-term complications.

If you are a plastıc surgeon and thinks our services are essential for your patients, we would like to make a zoom meeting to talk about how we can increase your business volume and add value to your services together.

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